My Beauty Buys This Week: Clinique & Biotherm

July 11, 2008 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Fab Finds | 4 Comments

I went shopping today in the hope of finding more work outfits.  I started out quite good and ended up being pulled into my usual distraction…  beauty products stands and shops.  I’m such a consumer when it comes to these products.  Words and packages and salestalk miraculously still work on me eventhough I know all the marketing tricks in and out.  Good news is that I’ve tried most everything and I’m not afraid anymore to ask for samples to try before I shell out $100 for something that promises me the fountain of youth 😉 or my dream body (as seen above) that I know very well is the work of hours at the gym, alot less food and a good graphic designer.

Today I rebought one of my favorite creams… Clinique Superdefense.  This has always been one of my favorites but in the last few months, I decided to try some new moisturizers because of some wow promotions but the other creams didn’t do justice to this cream. The beauty of this moisturizer is that it has a high spf and antioxidant to keep skin active against pollutants during the day. It goes on creamy but isn’t greasy which is an added plus for me.  Plus I love the smell.  It’s very subtle.   It came in a gift package with Clinique All About Eyes and Foaming Cream Cleanser which is very nice with a hint of tea tree oil.

In my search for a perfume that’s light and fresh, I decided to try Biotherm’s Eau D’Energie which is a body spray with Vitamin E that has a refreshing scent combination of Orange, Mandarin and Lemon.  It’s more of a mist rather than a strong scent which makes perfect for summer days.

As a gift, the saleswoman gave me the Aquasource Emergency Hydration Mask to try out.  So here I am sitting with the mask on my face and writing this post. So far it feels pretty good and smells great.  It’s a nice treat when you’re just sitting home relaxing and need a pick up from the dry weather.   

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  1. Shopping for beauty products is always fun! 🙂

  2. please send to me all cataloge.

  3. I dont speek english wery god. I’m sorry.

    I want to by this photo. Wher I find this photo ?

  4. please foto women

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