Listen Up Ladies: Would You Date this Man?

October 8, 2008 at 4:06 pm | Posted in Love & Marriage | 19 Comments
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Hi Ladies:

I am posting this special message on behalf of a great friend who supports my blog and jokes it at the same time.  We are talking about a fall on the floor funny kind of guy.  We always talk about him finding the perfect girl and he claims it’s next to impossible, especially on the internet.  So I wanted to test out his theory and see if we could prove him wrong.  He (let’s call him Braveheart) is 28 years old and looking for someone in their 20’s as well.  Location is not an issue. He asked me if I could put the specifications he is looking for but I said let’s leave this one up to fate 😉  My gosh, you give guys an inch and they’ll take a mile!!  So please ladies, anyone interested, drop me a line to my email and we’ll take it from there.  Even if you’re not interested, drop a comment anyway to wish him luck in his journey 🙂  This should be fun!

P.s.  This is not becoming a matchmaking site, its just a one shot thing 🙂 



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  1. I’d love to see how many hits this will generate. Best of luck man.

  2. He looks like a very nice guy and any girl would be interested in such a flexible gentlemen…

  3. This man has guts! This is hilarious girl, in theory he would get alot of attention I guess but things don’t work out that way; ya3ny khabeera speaking here since, I suck at that :$

    Anyways, I join the guy above & wish Braveheart good luck myself!

    P.S: matchmaker, matchmaker find me a match ;p

  4. I know doesn’t he! That shows just how much fun he is. So even if it doesn’t work out, we can just consider this post a tribute to Braveheart 🙂 Cuz it really does take guts to pull something like this off.

  5. I’m very interested in the background scenery. Where is this place?

  6. Nice comment I love it , I guess i have to change the picture, so you might be interested in the guy … Hehehehehe, just kiding, but try to guess???

  7. I’d say in Khairan ?

  8. cute :*

  9. okaaaaaaay then hehehe goodluck with that hehehe cute

  10. jewaira u’re missing the point 😉

  11. ugh

  12. @joud
    lol since I don’t fit the bill, I saw fit to look past the handsome guy 😉

    But if there are any eligible ladies we shall send them your way!

  13. Wow, He’s a cutie!

  14. Hello. I write for the Dating Dames blog and I found this post through I’m surprised at the lack of comments. He looks cute and sounds fun. Can you give me a rough idea of where he’s located? I don’t want people to get stalkerish, but I’d like to offer more information when I post the story.

    If you’d like to see the blog, it’s at

    Have a great day!

  15. […] While looking around Pretty Social the other day, I found this link – Listen Up Ladies: Would You Date this Man? at  For the Love of Blush, Cake & Romance.   […]

  16. Hey Michelle. Thanks for your comment and for your post. He is a very nice person all around. He is currently located in Kuwait but he travels around the world quite often. I think that pic was taken in China actually, but i’ll let him confirm. 🙂

  17. Hello again. I hope the post brings you some more comments. I put it up last night, so maybe this weekend some ladies will come by to check him out.

    China? Wow. I’ve never been away from the West Coast of the US.

  18. all the best buddy .. 🙂

  19. Hello everybody, I really appreciate your support, but still I didn’t get any dates ??? I really need to meet a girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)By the way this is not China !!!!!

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