The Nokia E Series

October 19, 2008 at 2:41 pm | Posted in Fab Finds | 1 Comment
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I’ve had the Nokia E66 for about 2 months now.  Hanx bought the E66 for me and the E71 for himself.  I call them the “his ‘n her” phones because they look alot alike and carry almost the same functions.  These phones are both very business handy, according to Hanx atleast.  I’m not much of a techno – savvy person but our phones seem to be the center of many conversations so I figured it must be worth looking into 🙂 

Guys seem to go for the E71 because it’s alot like the Communicator but much less bulky and can fit in your pocket.  Whereas girls are more into the sleek look of the E66 as well as the slide function.  Everyone seems to be amazed by the E66 ability to go silent just by turning the phone over. 

Until Hanx has some time to give us a real review on these two phones, I will leave you with these sources I found to give you a better idea.

Nokia E66

Nokia E71

Article:  New Nokia E66, E71 go a little more business casual

Quiz on which phone is for you:  Designed for the way we work


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  1. When you want to sell it please tell me?

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