The Swiss Card Lite : My Swiss Army Multi-Tool

November 6, 2008 at 12:16 pm | Posted in Fab Finds | 2 Comments
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Hanx just bought me my own little multi kit which comes in the shape of a credit card to tackle all my emergencies. It’s a beautiful blue thin square called SwissCard Lite that fits in my wallet and has 13 hidden features for me to benefit from:

1.   letter opener (blade)
2.   scissors
3.   pin, stainless steel
4.   pressurized ballpoint pen
5.   tweezers
6.   magnifying glass
7.   screwdriver 3 mm
8.   screwdriver 5 mm
9.   Phillips screwdriver 00-0
10.   Phillips screwdriver 1-2
11.   LED, light red
12.   ruler (cm)
13.   ruler (inches)

Hanx has the SwissFlash which includes a USB in a practical pocket knife look. 

These are very handy tools by Victorinox and are available online and in Swiss Army retail outlets.



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  1. Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multitool
    Finally received my CX. Removing it from the package I was very pleased with the overall feel of the tool, the fit and finishes are excellent and there are no immediately noticeable sharp edges. It was slightly heavier than I thought it would be, a little heavier than my usual EDC pocket knife, but not bad. Like other reviewers before me I noticed that the carbon fiber may reduce the weight very slightly, however I think it mostly serves to make the tool more aesthetically pleasing. I don’t have the problems with the bits that another review had, the bit in the bit holder is held in by a catch that has to be depressed to remove the bit, The other bit is very secure in the handle, although it may get loose once there is some wear on the bit. The bottle opener works and now I’ll carry it around for a while and see how it feels in the pocket. All in all I’m very happy with the tool, it has most of the tools I use the most, lacking only the scissors, in a smaller lighter package.

    Update – carried it around all day in business casual dress, the position of the pocket clip and the slim profile allow it to ride unobtrusively and comfortably in my pocket.

  2. Based on that post about the role of women in marriage, a woman has no business owning one of these. It’s part of the role of the husband to fix things, therefore, a SwissCard should never be handled by a woman…

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