This site was created as a one stop shop for modern twenty and thirty year olds around the world.  It’s not easy for us to be everywhere at once.  I for one have been on a lifelong search for one magazine or newsletter or book that has the answers to everything so that I don’t have to keep searching.  The sad thing is that I don’t even know what it is that I’m searching for… Tips of beauty, love, food, clothes, work, relaxation, luxury, travel spots and the list goes on. 

In sum, this site is for the person who is doing their thing out there and loves to indulge every once in a while in whatever it may be.   The Home Page includes a Treasure Box with a variety of posts that I hope you enjoy.  N.b. You will find alot of the same posts in different categories but only because they are general and call be considered under more than one category.

If you have any new categories you would like to see, please contact me on fortheloveofblush@gmail.com.

Happy Reading!!



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  1. love the blog..cant stop reading it..im late to a lunch with the in=laws but i dont care..i feel like we havent been apar reading and remembering our everyday worries..i miss you my best friend and sis..and i love you..mr big,also enjoying your pieces very much..keep them coming

  2. I would like to know if you own the copryright to the Pearl of Allah image posted in this website. I am writing a magazine article on rare pearls and would like to ask permission to reprint the image for my article. If you are not the copryright owner, do you know who is so I may request permission for image reproduction from them?

  3. so awesome blog! congratz do lovin’ it!

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