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Recently Microsoft launched it’s new search engine BING to bring a whole new meaning to surfing online.  Given that I love searching for new information, google is an engine I can’t live without.  But it’s exciting to see that there is a new search engine that seems somewhat close enough to potentially compete.  After watching a documentary on CNN and some other adverts, I automatically started testing it out.   I tested out Kuwait and I liked how the search results automatically gave me heading options into what I was looking for.  For example, when I Binged “Kuwait”, I got choices under headings of Weather, Maps, Jobs and Newspapers.  I also enjoyed how when searching for videos, all you have to do is roll your mouse over the video and it starts automatically with no loading or delay which means you can scan any video you want without having to actually open it in its original link. 

That’s all I can tell you for now, but it’s definitly got alot if not more of what we love in google.  So it’s worth a shot.   


Hoops & Yoyo: The Best E-Friends

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A while back I found the perfect e-card to express how I was feeling to Hanx.  LOL.  It was an I Love You e-card by two adorable characters called Hoops & Yoyo.  But the cool thing about them is they don’t say messages in the traditional boring way.  They really shout it out in the cutest ways that will make you fall on the floor laughing.  The I love you card I sent to Hanx featured Hoops & Yoyo shouting I love you at the top of their heads.  Ok yeah it might have made him consider me a bit insane if I actually felt even 10% of the message they were delivering, but I’m sure it atleast achieved the smile I was hoping it would.  

Check out all the Hoops & Yoyo free e-cards to send to your friends and loved ones or just to enjoy on your own.

Play with Online Sand

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Got some free time on your hands?  I came across a site today called This is Sand.  I don’t even know how I got there but I ended up wasting away a half an hour making my own colorful sand creation.  You can change colors and fill up your screen with sand just the way you like it.  Plus the sound of the sand pouring down on your screen is quite relaxing. 

To get started, just press the small grey box on the top left of the screen and read the instructions.  When you’re done if you are proud of your masterpiece, you can submit it to the creator’s gallery. 

It makes for a perfect break during a hectic day. 

Keep an Eye on Worldwide Events

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Events Eye is one of the most comprehensive listings of Events (exhibitions, trade shows, etc) that I’ve seen.  It’s helped me out alot so I thought I would post it for all of you who may need it.  You can sort events by Name, Theme, Location, Date and even Organizer. 

If anyone else knows any other sites that are more comprehensive, please drop a comment.

Net – A – Porter: Your Online Fashion Source

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Net – A – Porter is an site dedicated to Fashion.  You can shop online for the latest designer wear with an impressive portfolio of almost every designer you can think of.  Updated on a weekly basis, you will stay in the know of what’s hot and what’s not in each season.  If the price range is a bit too high, enjoy their online magazine as a guide of what to look for in your favorite outlets.

Included their latest issue is The Top 20 Hotlist of Must – Buys.

Or better yet, check out their Style Fix which provides a wardrobe list and examples for every occasion.

MEA Online Booking

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Middle East Airlines has now launched its online booking site to facilitate booking and payment for all MEA customers.  I just finished going through it.  It’s a very easy and simple to use graph mechanism that points out the best prices as well as best timings according to your request.

What Would You Ask People to Pray For?

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After watching Bruce Almighty a while back, I loved the concept of a prayer database.  I don’t know, maybe it’s the idea of voicing your prayers out loud or writing them down and not just keeping them in your head but more importantly, sometimes its consoling to think that when more people are praying for you and with you, it may have a bigger potential of coming true.   I looked around online and I found some interesting and quite popular sites such as Online Prayer Requests which allows anyone to post their prayer requests – regardless of religion or background.  Another site is Pray About.com .  And if you prefer to call it wishes, you have sites like Newest Wishes or Random Acts of Kindness.

I personally would wish or pray for continuous happiness (inner contentedness) for my family, friends and I. Because no matter what comes and goes (material things), if you aren’t contented inside, it doesn’t add up to anything more than temporary happiness. 

Would you Date a Virtual Boyfriend?

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I was reading in Cosmopolitan last night and one of the things they suggested for single ladies is to invest in the new “virtual boyfriend” concept so ladies could have their dream boyfriend.  I couldn’t believe that!  I mean what has the world come to if people would actually sign up for computers to call them and chat with them.  The site they suggested was Sergioboyfriend.  I found some more while searching such as Virtual Boys and virtual boyfriend/girlfriend games .  Personally, I’m very happy with my real boyfriend but apparently this concept is working for some people. 

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For the Thrill of Gadgets, Politics and Success

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If I were to change this blog to suit my boyfriend’s interests, I would probably change the name to “For the Thrill of Gadgets, Politics and Success” with special focus on the Gadgets.  As excited as we girls get about love stories, beauty products and clothes; its nothing compared to the absolute fascination that appears in Hanx’s eyes when he discovers something new or the passion that he speaks with when he argues about politics.  Unfortunately I don’t agree with staying up to date on the politics atleast in this region but I find being in the know about the “latest gadgets and products” quite interesting.  There are so many cool products that most of us don’t even know existed or could exist for that matter.  Hanx’s latest item of interest is the Watch Phone (pictured above) as well as Colored Faucet Lights that change colors depending on whether its hot or cold water.

Anyway, since I’m sure most of you men have an interest in gadgets as such, here are a few sites that collect the new products selling on the global market.  I’m sure Hanx has some better sites that he refers to but I’ll leave those to him to disclose… (I’ve been trying to convince him to guestwrite on my blog. His writing style and knowledge impress the hell out of me)

Coolest Gadgets

Tech Fresh

Strange New Products

Think Geek

Gadget Guild

The Importance of Meditation

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The article “How to get smarter, one breath at a time” made me look further into the importance of Meditation.  It seems like it’s alot more significant than I thought it would be.  Even if it only increases attention span, sharpens focus and improves memory, that will make it enough for me to consider giving it a try.  The only thing that worries me is the 40 minutes a day.  That’s a long time to focus on one object or on your breathing.  But I guess it all depends on the person and it must get easier with time once it becomes a habit.  Either way, I got some extra links for anyone interested in giving it a try:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

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