Rolling Down the Street in a BMW 7 Series

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For the last week I have confiscated Hanx’ car which is a BMW 7 series while he’s abroad.  I have to say, after getting used to that car and the luxury and comfort it offers, I’m not sure I can go back to my car or any car for that matter.  For all you guys reading this, I’m not a car addict so I can’t give you specs… But what I can tell you is that it’s like you’re driving a plane or a tank.  There is so much space and it rides so smoothly.  More importantly, you pretty much don’t have to do anything other than turn the car on and off by the press of a button.  The lock opens automatically when the key is anywhere in range.  You turn the car on and the mirrors and seats adjust automatically.  You reverse and the sensors show up on the screen in the middle of the car to tell you exactly how far you are from anything on every side.  It’s got a fridge in the handrest and the car amazingly cools within seconds even with the blistering heat of Kuwait.  I’ve never been one for BMW’s or cars that are as big as a boat but now I finally see why Hanx bought this car.  This is the first time I’m actually not looking forward to him coming home 😉

So for any of you who have the cash and want to make a luxury investment, you should check these cars out.   


Pretty Pearls

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Shell with Orb

I was sitting with my mom the other day getting ready for an event and I asked her why people liked pearls so much considering that I am not a fan of the gemstone of June at all.   She ended up giving me a brief history and explanation of the creation of pearls which I found so interesting.  It made me look into the subject further and gave me a new appreciation for the pearls I have. 

Pearls are either Natural or Cultured.  A pearl is created as a result a particle or irritant enters an oysters shell.  The oyster secretes nacre to coat the substance in order to lessen the irritation which results in the white or black beauty of the pearl.  Natural pearls are rare and can cost alot of money as they are found in the sea by chance.  Not all oysters may have had an irritant enter their shell, therefore not all oysters will have produced a pearl.  Cultured pearls on the other hand are man made and are prepared in Pearl Farms.  Pearl farmers place an object into an oyster’s shell to create pearls of various shapes, sizes and colors.  However, these pearls are not of very high value as compared to natural pearls as only the outside layer is made of the nacre substance. 

Pearl fishing was once a lucrative industry in the Far East and the Gulf.  These days, this industry has been almost entirely replaced by oyster farms.


The largest pearl in the world known as the “Pearl of Allah”  or the ” Pearl of Lao Tse” was discovered off the coast of the Middle East in 1934.  This pearl is estimated at around 60 million USD with a weight of 14.1 pounds.  

The Italian Police Step Up the “High Speed Chase”

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I was shocked to see that Lamborghini has donated a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 to the Italian Police.  Imagine the next idiot’s surprise that decides to go up against the police in a high speed chase.  According to sources, the car can clock up to 62mph in 3.7seconds and drives up to 203mph at full speed.  That will be the shortest chase in record time.  But here’s my question, how are they gonna end the high speed chase?  I mean who would have the heart to scratch or let alone damage that car trying to stop some lunatic on the road. 

Check out more information about the newest addition to Italian 5.0.  Link 1 / Link 2

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Fly the Skies in Luxury for Cheap(ER)!

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LunaJets offers discounted prices on empty returning flights of Private Jets to anyone interested in living it up.  Prices can range from 890Euro for a seat of one hour and up to 50,000 Euro a cabin (of up to 16 passengers) depending on departing city and destination.

The latest offer thats flashing when you enter the site is from Dammam, KSA to Seychelles today at 3:15pm.  You can book the GIII Aircraft (pics below) for 13 seats at 15,000 Euros. 

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Hind Hariri Named the Youngest Woman Billionaire in the World

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Wow.  I just read this article by Forbes that names Hind Hariri (from Beirut, Lebanon) the youngest woman billionaire in the world at 24 years old and the the 2nd youngest billionaire after facebook creator.

Poor girl.  Who the hell is gonna care now about what she’s all about on the inside. also included her on their Top 10 Available Heiresses for all those guys interested in trying their luck. 

Go Hind!!!

The Hummer Golf Car

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The Middle East is trully about luxury. Not only do we make it a point to drive the best cars but also the best golf carts too.  The Hummer Golf Car is now being sold to Golf courses, hotels and residences in the Gulf for quick transport in style.  The first shipment of these mini-hummers will arrive next month.

Singapore Airlines E380 Suites

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Singapore Airlines are offering a new and exclusive experience aboard their E380 planes for almost everyone with special focus on their Suites for those who wish to indulge. Each suite includes a bedroom, office, cinema and dining area.

For those who want something a bit more affordable, the new business class seats are supposed to be the world’s most spacious to ensure the maximum comfort to their business travellers.  Each seat comes with a widescreen LCD and a library of over 700 cds for entertainment and transforms into a flat bed for relaxation.

One extra reason to visit Singapore or the Far East!

All is Fair in Love & War (especially when Gucci is involved)

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I have been in absolute turmoil over this pair of Gucci Glasses that are the latest style (atleast in Kuwait).  It was literally love at first site.  At first, I found them for $470 and so I decided to pass on the temptation until summer atleast.  Then I found them in another shop for $343.  So friend saw how much I loved them so he is working on getting me an even further discount for $253. 

I live by this policy :  if you find something you like and you’re not sure or it’s too expensive, leave it and if it calls your name over the following days, then it will be worthy of your purchase (of course keeping in mind that its not completely outside my reach).  Well these glasses were screaming my name… I made the mistake of going on to the Gucci website and now I am 100% sure that I’m a Gucci Girl!  Now I just have to land a GM position with a 6 or 7 figure income and I’ll be all set 😉 

Unfortunately I didn’t find the pic of my sunglasses on the site, but I did find this gorgeous ring for Valentines Day ladies if you want to start dropping hints. LOL.

The Gulf: Luxury Overdose

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The Gulf Countries have managed to transform from desert into fantasy world in less than a decade. And they’re still going… Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi are taking turns on creating awe in their multibillion dollar projects. Now we have ski resorts, the highest skyscrapers in the world, safaris, islands, theme cities and almost any other scenario you can imagine in the world. You can find the delights of the most famous countries and cities in the world in the Gulf except maybe the Grand Canyon and the Alps but I’m sure they will find a solution for that soon.

According to various sources, an estimated One Trillion Dollars are currently being invested in the Middle East. A recently published report called “The Middle East Leisure Landscape 2020 Study” by GFF gives a full breakdown on what’s to come. This includes 166 different projects in 13 countries.

The three countries that accounted for the most part of that investment were Dubai with $381.4 billion, Saudi Arabia with $184.4 billion and Abu Dhabi with $131.3 billion.

The top projects being created by the real estate giants Tatweer, Aldar and Emaar include (by order of cost):

1. King Abdullah Economic City, KSA: $120 billion

2. Dubailand, Dubai: $110 billion

3. City of Silk, Kuwait: $ 86 billion

4. The Arabian Canal, Dubai: $ 61 billion

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg, it would take a couple of hours to write all the other projects that are in progress now including “The Universe” which are another set of islands in Dubai, the museums such as “The Louvre” in Abudhabi, the cities, the manmade greenery and so much more.

The transportation is even being improved with each of the Gulf countries investing in Rail systems throughout their growing capital cities.

What is to come, we don’t know… But it seems to be turning out to be the only vacation spot of the future.  Why go to different locations when you can find all the natural wonders of the world in one spot?  More imporantly, how much money do they actually have to keep up the overheads of these mega projects for years and decades to come?  I doubt the breakeven was even considered in most of these cases.

The World Islands Revealed

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The first aerial photograph of The World islands in Dubai, completed in January. (Arabian Business)

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