The Swiss Card Lite : My Swiss Army Multi-Tool

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Hanx just bought me my own little multi kit which comes in the shape of a credit card to tackle all my emergencies. It’s a beautiful blue thin square called SwissCard Lite that fits in my wallet and has 13 hidden features for me to benefit from:

1.   letter opener (blade)
2.   scissors
3.   pin, stainless steel
4.   pressurized ballpoint pen
5.   tweezers
6.   magnifying glass
7.   screwdriver 3 mm
8.   screwdriver 5 mm
9.   Phillips screwdriver 00-0
10.   Phillips screwdriver 1-2
11.   LED, light red
12.   ruler (cm)
13.   ruler (inches)

Hanx has the SwissFlash which includes a USB in a practical pocket knife look. 

These are very handy tools by Victorinox and are available online and in Swiss Army retail outlets.


Hoops & Yoyo: The Best E-Friends

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A while back I found the perfect e-card to express how I was feeling to Hanx.  LOL.  It was an I Love You e-card by two adorable characters called Hoops & Yoyo.  But the cool thing about them is they don’t say messages in the traditional boring way.  They really shout it out in the cutest ways that will make you fall on the floor laughing.  The I love you card I sent to Hanx featured Hoops & Yoyo shouting I love you at the top of their heads.  Ok yeah it might have made him consider me a bit insane if I actually felt even 10% of the message they were delivering, but I’m sure it atleast achieved the smile I was hoping it would.  

Check out all the Hoops & Yoyo free e-cards to send to your friends and loved ones or just to enjoy on your own.

President Elect Obama: History in the Making

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It was announced today with much anticipation that Barack Obama would become the next President of the United States.  It really didn’t hit me much before until I heard the commentaries and the excitement in the last week of the race.  This is the first time in history that someone other than a white anglosaxon becomes President of the United States.  And I truly believe that Obama is the best person to introduce this historical change.

Upon hearing the results, you could literally see a difference in happiness and excitement among citizens and non citizens alike of the win.  Aside from the fact that almost everyone is just thankful to see Bush go, people were jumping for joy out of happiness as if Obama’s genuinity and humble beginnings are the start to a new era.  Even the turnout in Chicago to celebrate the win was astounding with over 100,000 people dancing and listening intently to the Victory Speech (video / text) as he covered all aspects of his future prospects and gave US citizens and Foreign Nations comfort and hope of what they could expect.


“If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer”.


Congratulations to Everyone!  Let’s hope and pray that our expectations and hopes will be realized through this new phase in History.

Pretty Pearls

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Shell with Orb

I was sitting with my mom the other day getting ready for an event and I asked her why people liked pearls so much considering that I am not a fan of the gemstone of June at all.   She ended up giving me a brief history and explanation of the creation of pearls which I found so interesting.  It made me look into the subject further and gave me a new appreciation for the pearls I have. 

Pearls are either Natural or Cultured.  A pearl is created as a result a particle or irritant enters an oysters shell.  The oyster secretes nacre to coat the substance in order to lessen the irritation which results in the white or black beauty of the pearl.  Natural pearls are rare and can cost alot of money as they are found in the sea by chance.  Not all oysters may have had an irritant enter their shell, therefore not all oysters will have produced a pearl.  Cultured pearls on the other hand are man made and are prepared in Pearl Farms.  Pearl farmers place an object into an oyster’s shell to create pearls of various shapes, sizes and colors.  However, these pearls are not of very high value as compared to natural pearls as only the outside layer is made of the nacre substance. 

Pearl fishing was once a lucrative industry in the Far East and the Gulf.  These days, this industry has been almost entirely replaced by oyster farms.


The largest pearl in the world known as the “Pearl of Allah”  or the ” Pearl of Lao Tse” was discovered off the coast of the Middle East in 1934.  This pearl is estimated at around 60 million USD with a weight of 14.1 pounds.  

Middle Eastern vs. Western World

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I recently read a post called Style Battle: Middle East v. Western World  about a picture that doesn’t portray the image of repressed women in the Middle East that most people around the world are used to.  I was so happy when I read that post and it inspired me to write one of my own because I really want to get the message out to as many people as possible. 

Yes there is an issue of repression of women in some areas of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia and maybe a bit in Iran which has happened in recent years due to fanatacism which is in no way representative of Islam or the Middle East.  On the contrary, women in the Middle East are considered precious and truly valued. Especially the Mother.  Women (most atleast) in the Middle East live the life that most people can only dream of.  Just because a woman wears a veil doesn’t in any way mean that she is repressed.  It may be a religious duty or an obligation but it doesn’t necessarilty deem that woman as repressed and she is usually the one who chooses to be covered.  Actually if you visit the Middle East, you will see some of the most beautiful fabrics in the world worth thousands of dollars which make the Hijab’s that these ladies wear.

From a general view, Life in the rest of the Middle East is fabulous for men and women if you have the means to enjoy it.  I moved to the Middle East with my family when I was 17 and I never moved back to the States eventhough my parents urged me to go back.  But if you ask anyone who has lived in both the ME and the WEST…  you will get a very similar response.  Here’s what I love about the Middle East as a single girl who travels back and forth between Lebanon and Kuwait.

  • I am extremely safe.  If I ever face any problems, I can just scream and every male in a radius of a mile will be at my assistance protecting a woman’s honor.
  • I am just a short flight away from some of the best destinations in the world.  Europe, Far East, Greece, Turkey, Dubai, Lebanon.
  • I have a Great job and I make a ton of Tax free money.
  • I don’t have to pay for anything that requires entertainment.  In most cases, the men pay for everything.  So whether it’s a date or just hanging out as friends, girls are usually spoiled 🙂
  • I don’t have to do any house work.  We pay very good money for maids to do that.  And no they are not repressed either!  They make really good money and have better accomodation and treatment than they do in their home countries. 
  • I almost always have my nails and hair done by a salon because the prices are so cheap… Beauty and fashion is VERY IMPORTANT in the Middle East which is half of the reason that almost any women over here could compete on a celebrity level with perfect bodies and faces.
  • After I get married, whether I work or not is my choice because it’s usually the man’s responsibility to take care of the finances, whereas it’s the woman’s responsibility to take care of the house and kids.  Of course, many women work to entertain themselves and even to assist with support of the family these days so this is not etched in stone.
  • Luxury cars are very accessible.  Me and almost everyone I know has a gorgeous car from a BMW to a MERC to Porsche.
  • Luxurywear is also very accessible… Clothes, bags, glasses, shoes.
  • You can enjoy the best nightlife in the world (especially in Lebanon or Dubai)
  • I dress however I feel like dressing.  Noone obliges me to wear anything.  Most ladies in the middle east are among the most stylish women in the world.  And if this is about skin, then visit Dubai or Lebanon or Egypt or Jordan for an expose of the most beautiful hardly dressed bodies in the world.

I know I sound like a spoiled brat right now but why shouldn’t I live it up if it’s right there for the taking?  It doesn’t mean I am not an independent woman because I work for every dollar that I make.  I am sure I am missing a ton of benefits but since I’m at work, I am not giving it my full effort.  But I’m sure any Middle Eastern ladies or any Western ladies living in the Middle East reading this can point out alot more benefits.

Lesson: Don’t always believe what you hear or see on TV especially through the news.  Propaganda is created for political purposes but is not real 80% of the time. 

Bonjour Paris!

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I miss Paris.  I can just imagine how beautifully cool the weather is there now.  Winter is my season of choice!  I have been to Paris a couple of times and every time I learn a bit more about this fascinating city.  I would love to take a week off and just explore.  I would make sure to visit EuroDisney for fun, Rue de Passy for shopping, Montmarte for a beautiful view and some sight seeing, Galerie Lafayette for kicks, any bakery for fresh baguettes and the Ritz followed by Buddha Bar in the evening for some Romance with mon amour Hanx. 

Anyone who is planning on going to Paris as well can check out some guides to start them off.

Paris Attractions

50 Things to do in Paris

Paris Guide by Estonian Air

P.s.  Anyone who smokes, beware that there is no smoking throughout the entire premises of Charles Degualle Airport!  Good Luck!

“Hello World, Hope you Missed Me”

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I’m not sure why that song just popped in my mind but it seems the best title for this post and I miss the world so so so much.  Or atleast I miss the world through my laptop or maybe I just miss my routine!  OH GOD I MISS MY ROUTINE!  I am officially confirming that I am a creature of habit that does not react well to change and that falls into comfortable ruts that I really don’t want to get myself out of.  🙂  Smoking was hard enough but now changing my whole morning routine!!! That’s pushing it a little too far. 

FYI… My company recently blocked almost every form of social connection to the world such as facebook and messenger and the blogosphere and chat of any form.   I had a handy proxy which for some reason stopped working for the last few days.  Somehow today IT WORKED AND I’M CELEBRATING.

It’s funny how only less than a decade back, we hardly had email or cells for that matter and surely didn’t have more than 10 friends to keep in touch with.  All the sudden we have 200 to 300 friends to keep up to date with on a weekly basis and being cut off from your chats and source of social news can be sadly confining.  Being in the here and now is no longer the preferred choice of friendship.  My best friend and I have not seen each other in well over 5 years but we chat every single day for hours and constantly check up on each other’s pics.  It’s as if we never parted a day in our lives. 

If you think about it for a bit, it’s quite depressing actually.  There are many days where I can literally keep myself busy for hours and hours and not feel one percent of loneliness or boredom. But when you stop to think about it… It’s just me and my computer and a virtual reality that I can turn on and off whenever I please.

Not that I’m complaining 🙂  It’s just food for thought.

The Italian Police Step Up the “High Speed Chase”

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I was shocked to see that Lamborghini has donated a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 to the Italian Police.  Imagine the next idiot’s surprise that decides to go up against the police in a high speed chase.  According to sources, the car can clock up to 62mph in 3.7seconds and drives up to 203mph at full speed.  That will be the shortest chase in record time.  But here’s my question, how are they gonna end the high speed chase?  I mean who would have the heart to scratch or let alone damage that car trying to stop some lunatic on the road. 

Check out more information about the newest addition to Italian 5.0.  Link 1 / Link 2

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Play with Online Sand

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Got some free time on your hands?  I came across a site today called This is Sand.  I don’t even know how I got there but I ended up wasting away a half an hour making my own colorful sand creation.  You can change colors and fill up your screen with sand just the way you like it.  Plus the sound of the sand pouring down on your screen is quite relaxing. 

To get started, just press the small grey box on the top left of the screen and read the instructions.  When you’re done if you are proud of your masterpiece, you can submit it to the creator’s gallery. 

It makes for a perfect break during a hectic day. 

Chez Toi: Beauty on Delivery

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For all you ladies in Dubai or who transit through Dubai on occasion, keep this information handy.

I’m not one to promote anything without trying it but I recently heard that a close friend of mine finally took the plunge opened a doorstep spa called CHEZ TOI.  And I can assure you that anything this creative lady puts her hands to will be done with style, comfort through modernity and the best quality you will come across.

Available in Dubai, Chez Toi offers Beauty on Delivery by bringing the necessities to your home.  Nailcare, waxing, facial treatments, massages and special body treatments are brought to your doorstep.  And the good news is, you just have to reserve online or by phone and show up… They’ll do the rest. 

Their Promise:

I think this idea is a must have in Dubai especially with the traffic congestion and the late working hours!

Hope you guys enjoy!  Please give me your feedback when you try it. 

Telephone:  04 3397117

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