The Thirty-Something Crisis

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Love and gossip may be the topics that twenty-somethings talk most about, but weight and getting healthy are almost sure to top the list among thirty-something chit chat.  More specifically, coming to terms with the fact that weight just doesn’t drop off as quickly and as effortlessly as it did during the twenties.  My friends and I constantly talk about our mission to get back into the shape we were in 10 years ago.  Even the other day at the beach, I overheard a bunch of guys in their thirties sharing their disappointment on how hard they are having to work to get ripped and to lose their evergrowing gut. It’s a sad reality.  I can guarantee that the majority of my fellow gymmates are in their thirties giving it all they have to maintain what twenty-somethings take for granted. 

I’ve been going to the gym every other day and combining a mix of weights followed by cardio… high / low intensity cardio (running/walking/stepping) and i’m think i’ve got the hang of it for the next 10 years 😉  But hell… if 30 is like this, what the hell is 40 and 50 gonna be like???


Getting Ready for the Big 30!!

July 28, 2008 at 4:54 pm | Posted in Girltalk | 2 Comments
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A little over one week to go and there will be no turning back.  I will officially be 30 years old although if you ever meet me in real life, I will never admit to being a day over 28 😉  I must admit, I have been in a bit of a panic although I was quite cool about the idea in the beginning of the year and even wrote a whole post about my excitement of “Turning Thirty“.  I mean I don’t mind it happening but I’m not too thrilled about being only 10 years away from 40.  

Anyway, here are my last words of advice as a 29 year old to all you twenty somethings reading this. 

1.  If you are going to change something in your lifestyle (losing weight, smoking, bad habits), do it before you turn 30.  Actually do it before you are are 28 because it gets harder to change things as you get older.  

2.  Have FUN!!!  Most of us don’t realize that the early twenties are truly the only time in your life that you literally don’t have 10% of the responsibilities you will have for the rest of your life.

3.  Everything will pass!!!  Stop having panic attacks over bad hair days, breakups that you are sure would have never worked or a zit.  Cuz you will look back on them and wish you didn’t waste so much time caring. 

4.  Enjoy the beauty of being “Natural”.  Don’t bother yourself with creams and makeup in your twenties because you don’t need to.  You will look beautiful with or without.  You have the rest of your life to use those and they will be a necessity.

5.   Use a ton of moisturizer.  You will be happy you did later on.

6.   Keep in mind that everything you do to your body in your twenties will show eventually.   Trust me on this one. LOL.  All those damn doritos I thought I could lose in a week will NOT GO!

Ok i know i sound really old talking like this.  But maybe this is because 30 is literally just around the corner.  So just accept it.   Plus I really wish I applied all this when I was starting out in my twenties. 

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How Old is Nawal Zoghbi?

June 24, 2008 at 9:51 am | Posted in Music Box | 10 Comments
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After seeing pictures of the lovely Nawal Zoghbi at a recent wedding in Lebanon, my work colleagues and I at work had an argument of how old Nawal Zoghbi actually is.  According to Wikipedia and other sources online, she was born in 1972 which makes her 36 years old.  This shocked most of us because between the number of years she’s been on the scene as well as the many upkeep procedures she has done, it’s hard to believe she’s only 36.  No matter what the age, she is still one of the most appreciated beauties and talents in the Middle East, but is she really only 36?

What’s your Real Age?

January 27, 2008 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Surfin the Web | 1 Comment
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My best friend Fonzy created a post on his blog Fonzation the other month about Real  Excited to check out how old I really was, I took the test only to find out my real age was 36.2 instead of 29.  That was scary as hell.  So after working out, quitting smoking and eating a couple more fruits since the beginning of the year… I tried again.  I got down to 34.7 which made me feel a bit better.  I suggest everyone tries out this site.  It’s very detailed and gives you an extensive plan to get your age down in the case that its higher than your actual age.  Good luck with that 😉

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