The Thirty-Something Crisis

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Love and gossip may be the topics that twenty-somethings talk most about, but weight and getting healthy are almost sure to top the list among thirty-something chit chat.  More specifically, coming to terms with the fact that weight just doesn’t drop off as quickly and as effortlessly as it did during the twenties.  My friends and I constantly talk about our mission to get back into the shape we were in 10 years ago.  Even the other day at the beach, I overheard a bunch of guys in their thirties sharing their disappointment on how hard they are having to work to get ripped and to lose their evergrowing gut. It’s a sad reality.  I can guarantee that the majority of my fellow gymmates are in their thirties giving it all they have to maintain what twenty-somethings take for granted. 

I’ve been going to the gym every other day and combining a mix of weights followed by cardio… high / low intensity cardio (running/walking/stepping) and i’m think i’ve got the hang of it for the next 10 years 😉  But hell… if 30 is like this, what the hell is 40 and 50 gonna be like???



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Ok the hardest part of losing the weight is over.  I’m at a pretty decent weight now and everyone has noticed and is complimenting which must mean that I’m ready for Step 2:  Becoming Fit and shaping my body to its best possible bikini body shape.  So it’s time to hit the gym full force now once again.  As inspiration, I am keeping this picture above close by because in my opinion, airbrushed or not, that’s the ideal body.

5 Months to a Bikini Body

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Or atleast I hope!!!  I finally joined a gym after checking up my different options and of course postponing for months.  There are so many things to take into account when getting a gym membership because the offers out there can be so competitive.

Unlike all those women who force themselves to blitz a perfect bikini body in one month, I am giving myself 5 months cause I know I can’t do it.  Food & comfort are too important to me.  I’ve tried to do that for about 3 years so you could imagine that I haven’t been to the beach in 3 years.  So I will continue for the time being with my eating habits and work out at the same time and pray for results 😉 I’m thinking my best bet will be to go on Monday – Wednesday and Friday.  

Let the record show that I am now 63 kilos.  I’m hoping to atleast get back down to 58 kilos where I used to be before I started living to eat as opposed to eating to live.  And then maybe I can consider dropping a few extra kilos after that.    I’ll keep you updated!   

N.b. For all of you in Kuwait:  Holiday Inn & Crowne Plaza have an offer going on until the end of January.  Holiday Inn is offering 15 months for 275$ and Crowne Plaza is offering 18 months for $290 (single) and $270 (couple).  They both have your typical gym amenities like sauna, swimming pool, aerobics but here are some pros I noticed for each.  Crowne Plaza also offers you a variety of free classes such as spinning, belly dancing, yoga, etc.  Holiday Inn is offering free 30 min massage as well as many vouchers to their restaurants plus a cute little backpack and towel set.  I decided to take Holiday Inn membership at the end because I would never drive for more than 5 minutes to get to a gym.  Distance would be the easiest excuse for me to pull off so that’s definitly a con for me.

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