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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted.  I’m actually posting today to test if I still remember how to do this.  So many times I’ve wanted to post things but then I was like “what’s the point if I’m only gonna do it every now and then” but maybe every now and then is better than nothing at all.


I just got back from Spain a week ago… Madrid to be specific.  What an amazing city.  That city miraculously combines all the beauties of Europe into one cozy and clean setting.  It has the grand monuments and architecture down to the tiny details of the cobblestone narrow walkways.  The weather is fresh and clean (as compared to other smog filled cities).  The people are very friendly yet don’t speak much english.  Madrid is only a short distance to other beautiful cities like Toledo and Segovia.

On my way back to Kuwait, I stopped in to London in the evening.  And being in the window seat I got to watch in awe at the most breathtaking view of London by night.  The city was so beautifully lit.  And there were literally 10 other planes circling London with us.  Right after we landed we stayed in the plane for a while and I noticed that at any one time, there are three planes in descent to land.  It was amazing to watch.  Every time one plane lands, you look up and 3 are also in the process without fail.  I watched for a good twenty minutes and they just kept coming in every 2 minutes.  I truly wonder how those “Air space” guys manage to keep all those planes safely up in the air.

Anyway I think I spoke enough for now.  Just checking in.   Hope you’re all doing well.


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