What is up with Britney???

January 6, 2008 at 7:41 am | Posted in Girltalk | Leave a comment


Normally I would never post about Britney or any celebrity news for that matter but this Britney thing has gone too far. I’m not really a celebrity fanatic but there are some celebs that I love to keep up with such as Jennifer Aniston (because I find her amazing, stylish and strong) and Britney Spears (because I am so stunned about what has happened to her). Watching Britney is like watching a first hand account of a what it means to literally flip out. And this is very scary because so many girls look up to Britney. When they see the crazy acts she is doing or the open road she is travelling from drugs to pregnancy to many marriages, the younger girls who follow her every move will follow suite either because they believe in her, out of sympathy or because they think anything she does is cool.

It’s very sad what has happened and I don’t necessarily blame it all on the drugs. I have seen many people on drugs and this is just not normal. This girl needs a well deserved break in therapy before she breaks down to the point of no return. And where the hell are her parents. How can they sit by and watch this happen to their child while the rest of the world watches her for entertainment purposes. This girl is on the verge of suicide and noone seems to care. It’s so sad because she was such a beautiful, fresh and sweet girl and an amazing performer. Amazing enough to be considered as one of the best performers of all time. But I think it’s time for her to step down before it’s too late. Why is she still performing? For Who? She has enough money and enough albums to keep her good for a long time. She obviously isn’t focused enough to even do a proper stage performance as you can see during the VMA Awards.

Anyway, I’m just voicing off a concern. I really hope that Brit’s will be a happy ending rather than the tragic one that we watched last year with Anna Nicole Smith.


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